A Tutored Tasting Of Fine Wines From Chile And Argentina

Chile and Argentina have really set South American wines on the map.

Their appealing style and price have captured the palates of the wine drinking public.

But unknown to many these countries also produce very high quality top-end wines

which are only produced in very small quantities

Tonight we will show you such a range.


2005 Echeverria Family Reserve Chardonnay

2007 Augustinos Pinot Noir Gran Reserva Bio Bio

2007 Augustinos Syrah Gran Reserva Bio Bio

2003 Echeverria Founders Selection Cabernet Sauvignon


2006 Barrandica

2006 Chalten Merlot Gran Reserva, Patagonia

2005 Calvulcura Merlot Cabernet

2003 Altimus

2004 Antucura Cabernet Merlot

The tasting will be accompanied by: Smoked Ham, Salad and French Bread

Date: Tuesday 21st April 2009 @ 6.45pm

Venue: 9th floor suite

Hesperia Hotel

2, Bridge Place

Victoria SW1

Price per ticket: £28.00


Wine and Dine


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