A Tutored Tasting Of Fine Wines From Chile And Argentina

Chile and Argentina have really set South American wines on the map.

Their appealing style and price have captured the palates of the wine drinking public.

But unknown to many these countries also produce very high quality top-end wines

which are only produced in very small quantities

Tonight we will show you such a range.


A Tutored Tasting Of Fine New Zealand Wines

A wine producing country that has never compromised on quality, and produces world-class white, and red wines.

We have selected a stunning range from small family vineyards which will highlight their high quality


A Tutored Tasting Of Italian Wines From The Piemonte

Following our highly successful in depth tasting of Italy, tonight we have chosen the classic region of Piemonte, home to the famous Barolo and Barbaresco wines. We have chosen a wonderful selection show-casing this highly important region.


A Tutored Tasting Of Very Fine White Burgundy Back To 1952

Considered the finest dry white wine in the world, burgundy certainly produces exceptional wines of great longevity in good years with commensurate prices.


A Tutored Tasting Of Fine St Emilion Wines Back To 1945

Situated on the right bank of the Gironde River in Bordeaux, the clay and limestone soil is a natural home to the merlot grape. It dominates the blend together with cabernet to produce wonderfully soft and fruity wines.


French Wine Appreciation Evening – How To Taste

By popular request we have been asked to repeat this event which is a tutored blind tasting to enable you to recognise grape varieties, countries, region of origin and evaluate condition and quality to have the confidence in knowing whether a wine is out of condition or not.


A Tutored Tasting Of Very Rare German Wines Back To 1929

It is surprising how long fine German wines last particularly from top estates.

We have a unique opportunity tonight to taste a selection of very rare wines.


A Remarkable Tutored Tasting Of The Finest German Beerenauslese From 1982 To 1966

Made only in small quantities from selected years these rich luscious wines are becoming exceedingly rare and expensive. Once tasted, never forgotten; these are a real treat and not to be missed.


A Tutored Tasting Of Very Fine California Wines

The resurgence of fine California wines from smaller growers has re-enhanced the solid reputation of this region’s wines, also showing their remarkable longevity.

We have selected a range from top growers to demonstrate this.